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  2. 15/09/19

    North glasgow colts 0 pollockshields 0 This was our first real test we were missing a few boys n I also think they were aswell.played on a tight pitch witch killed it for both teams.half chances for each team draw was fair result. 1 jay Gallagher 2 liam parsonage 3 willie McGowan 4 Robert Davies 5 kenny Roy 6 david cooper 7 stuart mcmahon 8 rab Paterson 9 sean mcmahon 10 ronnie mcgeouch 11 neil Taylor Subs 12 david cooper used 14 sevski kosansoy used 15 gregor campbell used
  3. 15/09/19

    Honestly mate, he's actually glowing haha
  4. 15/09/19

    Fukin hell Micks almost as red as the strip 😂😂😂
  5. 15/09/19

    Westwood 9 - 1 MH United PIotr Matuisak Robert Arthurs Alfie Briggs Stevie Crawford David McArthur Scott Reilly Thomas Miller (trialist) Jamie Taylor Cameron Bone Sam Sweeney Ibrahim Blal Subs Keiran Reilly Scott McLean (In picture not wearing kit) Goals Ibrahim Blal x 6 Sam Sweeney x 2 Scott Reilly x 1 Really good day at the office for us, Started the game well spraying it out from the back, got a good goal from a corner then a screamer in the top bin. After that we just started flicking it over the top and running onto it and it worked out pretty well in the end. Credit to MH United though, despite the score they look a decent outfit and the first 20 minutes where pretty level. Our Goalkeeper made some really good saves and we where just clinical going the other way. Thought Raymond was crackin' in the middle as usual. Nice to get a win.
  6. 15/09/19

    William Riddell Ben McNulty Charlie McKerracher Alasdair Rennet Colin Deans David Hamilton James Marris John McLeod Mattan Wallace David Jenkins Ross Fisher ⚽️ Sub - all used Iain McIntyre - yellow Willy Stewart Konstantinos Bourlakos Martin Alcorn Well humped, no excuses. They seemed a decent bunch. All the best for the season @Stratton Southside.
  7. 15/09/19

    Stratton Southside 7 - 1 Kelvindale *league cup group game* Starting 11 - Nathaniel McCabe Dale Freckleton (yellow card📒) David Hart Scott McClellan (scored 1⚽️) Jamie Meldrum Stuart Cunningham Michael Quigley Paul Dyer Liam Brannan (scored 1⚽️) Aidan Ross (scored 3 ⚽️⚽️⚽️) Daniel O’Brien (scored 2⚽️⚽️) All subs used - Jonathan McGinley, Sean Eccles, Michael O’Donnell and Ryan Downey. 1st half was the best football we’ve played yet, sprayed the ball around nicely at times and finally being clinical unlike previous games. Kelvindale had a resurgence at the beginning of the second half hitting the bar with a good effort and gave it a go but the whole tempo of the game dropped off in the second half and we managed to add a couple more. Game played in good spirits.
  8. 15/09/19

    Done well to get back in the gameafter being 3-0 down and I thought we were unlucky not to win it. Cheers for the game @Johnny D David Brisbane Steven McAneney Jack Hewitt Jim Smith Gavin Carnan William Wilkie ⚽️ John Duffy Gary McMartin Kev McGonigle 📒 Fin MCMartin ⚽️ Alan Lindsey ⚽️⚽️ Subsused Luke Rodgers Darren Patterson Jamie Proctor not used John McLaughlin - trialist
  9. 15/09/19

    Glasgow Diverse 1-3 GSC Very good game of football against a really good side. Ahmed AlMahdi Eammon Jerjis Zaak Christie James McLugash (Y) Kristis Ba Harrison Elue Zahid Choudry Dennis Ocampo Musa Jallow Mahdi Behnani (Goal) Subs Used Nduati Khabuta Keeba Casey Yousef AlMussawi ( Not in pic turned up late 2nd half)
  10. 15/09/19

    Ferguslie star 5-2 anchor Agree with mick we were very sluggish today esspecially 1st half where anchor could have scored a few times. Credit to my boys for getting the win in our first league game. Anchor have some really good players there can see them improving 👍 Craig mcmahon Leon mclay ⚽️x1 (R) Jaimie robinson (Y) Declan odonohue (Y) James turner Craig hope (Y) Jamie turner Steven mccormick Derek mcgrory (Y) Chris dowdals ⚽️x2 (Y) Thomas erroch Subs all used: David edwards ⚽️x2 Denis donnell Jordan carnochan Craig jack
  11. 15/09/19

    Cheers stevie Think its a lot better with referee explaining decisions to players and managers credit to yourself aswell stevie Davie a hope your keeper and young lad i carried to car is ok sounded in a lot of pain. @Stevie - Head Referee @daviem
  12. 15/09/19

    Cheers stevie My keeper put his shoulder back in himself outside the venue I took callum to hosptail ,as I speak I've not heard how he is . And dale roach was my other "TRIALIST I never put TRIALIST next to his name above
  13. 15/09/19

    Best wishes to the two boys that got injuries for @daviemCertainly hope they are not as serious as it seems Great credit go to both teams, hard but fair game, nobody overstepped & no cautions - Dalmarnock done very well in second half even if Strathy did miss lots of chances Also had @garydempsey1AQ vs @JieKeppochill, another great advertisement for the league. End to end, hard but fair & no nonsense anywhere from any of the lads Credit to all players in both games Cheers
  14. 15/09/19

    Glasgow diverse 1 v 3 GsC United ross Stewart dean maclean paul McKinney marcus sawyers laim Mcmahon dean reid anton Byrne paul Donnelly kris lafferty ⚽️⚽️ Daniel templton marc McDonnell ⚽️ Subs Fasial Ahmed don mcinnes decent game against a decent side diverse are a decent bunch of lads I like them a lot ref had a decent game only mistake I thought he made is wee biscuit got took clean out n never got the pen apart from that ref was decent I took the pic so not in it
  15. 15/09/19

    Ferguslie star 5-2 Anchor a game of two halves first half we played well and could have scored a few but didn’t take our chances second half we where awful a few injuries but take nothing away from @Andyfsafctam and their lads they played some really nice football and deserved their win. Just need to try pick ourselves up and go again squad Nicky Barr Grant Elliot ⚽️ Lewis Quinn Sam Berry Nicky Broomhall Grant Berry Ray Hewitt Scott Dallas David Mcdonald Mikey Raeside Mo Gabir ⚽️ Subs All used Andy Wilson Ryan Laurie David Hamilton Cameron Turner
  16. 15/09/19

    What a day, Dalmarnock 1-3 Strathy utd First thing this morning we have 14 players declared to play Our Reiss injured 3 just couldn't be arsed coming Our keeper stuck in traffic till half hour into the game 2 players released from previous club but hasn't went through yet We had to play with our shirts outside in because of clash even though our strips are made not to clash and we were the home side, During the game the keeper shows up, soon after he dislocated his shoulder, Our young callum suspected broken foot I miss the match because I'm up and down from. Hosptail with the lads. I put a shout out for players to please come, our Reiss turned up. A pleasant surprise. So my match report will be short and sweet. What I did see was an improved Strathy side a terrible day for Dalmarnock. Must say to draw the second half 0-0 must have took a great effort from my lads. Thanks David for the game and well done mate Cheers stevie for reffing it what I saw of it you did good mate And thank you to my players, the ones that turned up and gave it a go. Cheers Davie m In the picture my goalkeeper is missing as he was late due to traffic. My team was .left to right Darren james bagan Micheal docherty 'trialist" Callum carmicheal Ryan james Johnny caulfield David Gibb Stevie Cameron Declan mccafferty Dale roach Riess talon" Goal" LATE KEEPER IS craig Wallis No subs I sent 2 trialists forms to big mick before the game .I also told NIM I had done so .
  17. 15/09/19

    Dalmarnock 1 v 3 Strathclyde Utd What a bloody day anything that could go wrong was going wrong apart from the result. Massive crash on motorway held kick off time up to around 4.20 our kits where in a car stuck in all the traffic along with around 8 of our player and from what I heard a few Dally players also. We also both had black kits as davie hadn't seen we had asked and asked what they would be in but we managed to sort that issue with then going back to the old school days tops inside out as they are weirdly white inside out. Game started with them only having 10 on the park unfortunately but we took advantage and got to a 2 nil lead before they had a full team on the pitch they nicked 1 back with a rebound from a pen then what looked like a bad injury to there keeper who hadn't been on long we got another goal 3 1 half time quick turn around as time was running out 2nd half we pushed but nothing more to come another injury to a dally player put them to 9 men but they stayed in the game we just couldn't take the chances but a wins a win. 4pm Petershill Stadium Gdsfc Division 2b Match Day 2. 16 man Squad. Black kit. 1. Mark McCormack 2. Thomas Clark (trialist) 3. Liam Tazzar (c) 4. Jason Tobin 5. James Holt 6. Liam Little 7. Greig Speirs 8. Joseph McConway ⚽️ 9. Antonio Jaconelli 10. James McKenzie 11. Tony McGhee 12. Gary Lawrie ⚽️⚽️ 13. Alexander Mayne (trialist) 14. Allan shreenan 15. Kieran Burns 16. David Devlin All 16 used No cards I'm sure could be wrong. Trialist forms sent to Nim before kick off. Thomas Clark 2nd game Alexander Mayne 2nd game Team photo missing players, Kieran Burns & James Holt separate old photos posted of them. They got to us around 4.40 ref and dalmarnock where informed. Ref had a great game and was very understanding with the situation of times and kits. Cheers for the game lads and hope your twoinjured players recover quickly @daviem
  18. 15/09/19

  19. 15/09/19

    Nothing i can add to comments already said.end to end stuff. Keppochhill 5 v 6 Atlantic Quay Lewis easdon Sam downie (yellow) Kevin quinn Jamie robertson( yellow) Ryan pickering Kevin mckenzie Jayce jones Sean lawrence ⚽️ Alexander tran Iain pelosi ⚽️ Jonny lehane ⚽️⚽️⚽️ Subs all used Aaron mcintosh Connor mullen Marc shaw (trialist info passed onto nim)
  20. 15/09/19

    Absolutely woeful today. Should’ve been 2 up in the first 5 mins then conceded 4. Made all 3 subs at HT then our CM broke his ankle and will be out for a while. Ironically we played a bit better in the second half but it was never going to happen with that deficit. Stuart Maxwell Greig Chesney Graham Roberts Keiran Clement Andy Bell Fraser Stewart Blair Ingram Fraser Brash Scott MacOwan ⚽️ Alexander Taggart ⚽️ Connor MacAffery subs Kevin Lowrie ⚽️ James Cryans Jack Connell (trialist - 1st game) Cant seem to upload the team photo or trialist form. Will give it another go later.
  21. 15/09/19

    Keppochhill 5 v 6 Atlantic Quay Mental game saw us go 1 up early, miss a pen then be 3-1 down after 20 mins, managed to get it back to 3-3 at half time then played better 2nd half and managed to get the points 2 lads up top for Keppochhill had a great game and caused no end of issues Fraser Kennedy Peter Keaney Scott McNicol - Trialist 1st Game Michael Mullen Craig Mann Kieran Trindade David Carson - Trialist 1st Game Andy Wilson Marc Corlett Barry Slowey - 📒 Matthew Carvil Mikey Brand Richie MacDonald Kris Ferguson DavidWebb 📒📕 Goals Matthew Carvil - Hat Trick David Carson x2 Richie MacDonald
  22. 15/09/19

  23. 15/09/19

    MH 1 - 8 Westwood Worst we have played since we started off as a team, missing far too many key players and it showed. We go again next week, Westwood stuck to there gameplan and longballs over the top killed us, shout out to the boy Ibra who was by far the best player on the park today. Paul Mckenna - Trialist sent form to Nim Picture also below Paul Henderson Stephen Lamont Sean Havelin Jordan McNair Shug Donaldson Eddie Muirhead Declan Stewart Matthew Hamilton David Hunter Kamil Debski Subs all used Aiden Maciver David Smith Dean Martin Chad Murphy Ryan Shields Originally wrote 9-1 but been advised that it was 8-1. The goal difference might count.
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