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  2. 17th November Results

    Lost 4 daft goals, self inflicted and no complaints. Finnieston are a really good bunch. They defend well and keep their shape as well as any team in the league. All the best @Stuart M. Ref had a decent game. Jamie Grant James Marris Daryl Carey Anton Maclean Colin Deans Martin McIntosh Sean McCafferty ⚽️ Charlie McKerracher Taylor Shields Mark McEwan ⚽️ Kieran Nicol Scott Cathro David Jenkins John McLeod Stuart Melville
  3. Friendly 1.12.19

    Looking for a game on the 1st if anyones up for it 👍
  4. 17th November Results

    Folks Worth noting from the weekend feedback and complaint received regarding a referees conduct is being taken extremely seriously by committee and myself This goes beyond disappointment in a refs decision or how he performs on the day, this is to do with actual behaviour My point here is to let you know we do take feedback extremely seriously especially on conduct When you feedback on styles or performance, that’s different because it’s judgement calls etc - that’s Sunday football and we all understand that However this goes beyond that. I won’t mention anything in particular as it’s private between parties involved, however Iwanted folk to know we doactively investigateand dealwith it As much as I do defend my referees, it’s only because I know how difficult it is and I am striving for high standards What I’m looking for is Are they behaved? No swearing etc (beyond normal chit chat banter with folk) Are they well presented? Are they up with play as much as possible etc Was he out of his depth ? Did they seem unsure, flustered etc? That’s why feedback is vital, a lot of refs are just new and sometimes aren’t ready. Your participation is vital in helping us Thank you
  5. 17th November Results

    Diverse 2-4 MBS Wasn’t at the game yesterday, but heard MBS played very well. Squad is still thin for us at the moment, hoping to get boys back from Injuries and get back to winning ways. Stuart Black Eammon Jerjis Nduati Khabuta Kristis Ba Andy Thomson Harrison Elue Lewis McIntosh Zahir Choudry Mohamed Sarmi (Goal) Mo Yaqub (Goal) Kwaku Nyame Subs * MohamedJama Yaqoob Said Subs missing from photo as they were sitting on the bench to cold for them apparently 🥶😂.
  6. 17th November Results

    Strathclyde Utd 3 Glasgow Irish 2 Nice we win for the strathy lads on a right cold day. 2pm kick off Harmony Row pitch Gdsfc division 2b game 8 Squad. Black kit 1. Mark McCormack 📒 2. Kieran Burns 3. Liam Tazzar 4. David McMillan (trialist) 5. Thomas Clark 6. Liam Little 7. James Holt 8. Alexander Mayne ⚽️ 9. Joseph McConway 10. James McKenzie 11. Tony McGhee ⚽️ 12. Jason Tobin 13. ---------- 14. Alan Shreenan ⚽️ 15. Greig Speirs 16. David Devlin 17. Carl Massiah All players used in the game. Ref had a good game let alot flow. Think a win for us was about right and look forward to the next time out.
  7. 17th November Results

    Colts 5 Saracen 2 Well done to colts on your win for starters the games wasn’t stoppedbecause threats it was because someone called him a idiot so we’re yous got this from is bizarre as you only arrived when game got stoppedfair play to your players and assistant though being honest saying that should have been a goal to us plusmost the calls were shocking towards us and 2 there goals should never have standfair play to them being honest 👏this ref has gave us 12 yellow cards and 4 reds in two games he has ref us this refshould have never have ref us after last game worst of it all he gave us a free kick then changed it to there free kick what they scored from what I just can’t get my head around 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️ the colts players could tell yous and someone called him idiot what no one heard🤷‍♂️and then he just abandoned the game most there players were apologise to our teamfor nothing as wasn’t there fault cracking team and bunch of lads move on next week👍 Frank roy 📒 Brian parks 📒 shaun campbell 📒 tam mcgirrale Andy Duffy 📒📒📕 edward findlay owen connachan steven Donnelly 📒 wully gattens 📒⚽️ Scott woods ⚽️ Ross Bevridge subs gary haliday Wully Mcghee I took photo so wasn’t in it 👍
  8. MH United Vs Clydebank Fc Development

    He’s helping us out when he is available mate I genuinely offered him head referee position back, but he declined and won’t return to that position Or return full time - but he is doing the odd game
  9. 17th November Results

    Wasnt at game we r struggling a bit jst now 25 players signed yet cant field a team hope we get through it well done on the win bsc
  10. 17th November Results

    NBC 2 bsc 6 1 jordan rowan 2 mark mcoubrie 3scott madden 4 ryan wilson 5 rab Paterson 6 stuart mcmahon 7 ronnie mcgeouch 8 willie edger trialist 2nd game 9 sean mcmahon 10 alan Gilchrist 11neil taylor 12 cammy Davidson 14 craig feeney
  11. 17th November Results

    Strathclyde Utd 3-2 Glasgow Irish a draw was probably a fair result on the reflection of chances. Out keeper making an almighty blunder to hand Strathy the win. Owen ODonnell Grant Clark Joe Kerr Juan Carlos Verdejo Cameron McIntyre Tony Deveney Jack Gordon Kev Barr Mark Paterson Danny Singh Tony Garth Subs Tony Owens Sean Stafford Ryan Moran Ryan McLean AidanMcCahill Scorers - Kev Bar x2 Cards - Tony Garth & Grant Clark (Yellows) Cameron McIntyre (Red)
  12. 17th November Results

    Diverse 2 - 4 Blackstar Really pleasing performance again, carrying on from last week, went behind against run of play but pulled it back before half time, first half my keeper annonomous and shoukd have been a few up, referees decisions especially furst half bewlildered me and diverse manager tbh. Raced into and commanding commanding 4-1 lead. Diverse scored with just over 10 to go. But game management was brilliant. Long may it continue. Says it before Diverse are a great bunch of lads. All the best mate 👍 Christopher Montgomery Connor mallis John mcbride Stuart duffy Paul Kelly Allan Allison Declan walker Robert Gallagher (y) Anthony Chalmers Marc frize Liam mcmurray Subs used Ross Twigg Kieran Smith Declan hammil
  13. 17th November Results

    Division 1 match NGC 2-6 BSC ian gordon Thomas Miller 🔶 matt beckett X2 goals archie Prince Darren smart ben Bowie - Goal matt tran daniel Morrison -goal - 🔶 tyler quinn ross Thomson phil law job mulambu nick djennas x2 goals idriss Allin not at the game as away on holiday however seemed a better performance than last week. will get confirmation of any bookings all the best to NGC for the season
  14. 17th November Results

    We where absolutely awful today again I don’t think the red card helped us as our shape went to f##k but these things happen and I understand why Stevie has made the call at the time and why he has requested that the red cards are suspended as I think it was a fair competition between both teams with fernhill coming out on top. all the best to fernhill good bunch of lads who play some nice football 👍🏻 also cheers to Stevie for explaining his reasonings for the red card also 😉 squad Nicky Barr Stuart Dallas ♦️ grant Elliott lewis Quinn George Holland Dean Baird andrew Wilson grant Berry lewis hill Ali Herrington Mohamed Gabir ⚽️⚽️ subs all used Robbie Caldwell Kaelum Wilson ryan Laurie
  15. 17th November Results

    No problem Stevie. One other thing, felt he could have been a bit closer to the play at times. There were a few times the ball went out or was very close and he made a call when I felt he was too far away to have made it with certainty. But overall, well done to the guy for his first game.
  16. 17th November Results

    1. John Fleming 2. Ross Scobie(T) Used Sub 3. Robert Storrie 4. David Blakey⚽️ 5. Gareth Coubrough 7. Kevin Forsyth(T) 8. Brian Peacock 🔴 1 Red 9. Tony Sawers 🔴🔴🔴 3 Reds ⚽️ 10. Connor Warren(T) 11. Gary Kelly 📒 12. Bryan MacAulay 14. Peter McKay 15. Chrissy Murray 17. Tony Deshaw ⚽️ 18. Anthony Conroy ⚽️ Actually finished: Barrhead 4 - 3 Spartans, and not the alternate as above, assuming this was a mistake. A good bunch of boys the Spartans Lads, in the heat of the moment you say daft things. I said to the ref to leave it up to the lads mate and he did just that!3-3 with 10 minutes remaining, us down to 9 men and you guys with 11 on park, surely there cant be any complaints. I've voiced my concerns with Nim over the refereeing performance, I'm sure you boys agree! As said, you boys are a great bunch. Really looking forward to the return! Nims been sent relevant stuff.
  17. 17th November Results

    Thanks Stuart Adam is new, first ever game today as a qualified referee so good feedback 👍🏻
  18. 17th November Results

    Sarry Red Star 2 5 Colts Athletic James Dickson Reece Feeney George McQueen Martin Gillespie Kevin Reid Paul Sim Alan Gormill Josh Reilly Thomas Dearie Lee Black ⚽️⚽️ Mark Oakes ⚽️⚽️⚽️ SUBS USED Ryan Gray Robert Watson Cameron Fee UNUSED Hugh Thomas Match started at a very good pace from Colts. Again similar to last week scoring an early goal from the goal machine Oaksey. We controlled the game until a mistake from our cb jumped in and gave Sarry red star a penalty. But our new keeper stepped up again and saved it. After that the majority of play being around the middle of the park Sarry then hit a shot which the keeper touched onto the bar and came down off it which the Sarry players were appealing for a goal however the referee didn't give it. Short time after our other goal machine Lee Black got our second. As the team lost concentration Sarry scored to make it 2-1. At ht we had to get the boys to up the game a bit and press which worked as we scored after 2minutes into the second half. With yes Oaksey at it again. 3-1. Sarry then had a player sent off to put them Down to 10men however again another loss of concentration from the team and it was 3-2. But that seemed to gice us a lift as we then got 2 quick goals coming from Lee Black again. And in the last few minutes before the game was abandoned the goal machine Oaksey got his hat trick. That's now 2weeks in a row the big man has stepped up and got us a hat trick. Match was then abandoned due to threats from Sarry towards the referee that he wouldnt tolerate. Refereeing is a hard job and we always tell our team to respect the referee. He may get things wrong at times but he doesn't need hassle on top of that. So I have to say respect to our lads towards the referee today. 5-2 before match was abandoned. Ryan Gray was late so isnt in picture ref was informed and ccan verify.
  19. 17th November Results

    Finnieston Phoenix 4-2 Kelvindale Great win for us today and a really good game of football. We started the game really poorly and failed to deal with the long balls to Kelvindales wideplayers which cost us 2 goals. Once we got ourwide players to close down the full backs we forced them to play into midfield and pressed them which worked more in our favour. First goal from a corner to Alex, great return from our CB this season. 6 goals in 7 games. Got the second when Fraser nipped in front of the keeper and knocked the ball past. HT 2-2. Second half was tight and could have gone either way I felt. Luckily we got a pen after a shove in the back and Taggs slotted home. Last 10 mins were tense but another penalty gave us the win. All the best to @Martin_Kelvindale, enjoy our games. New ref for us. Felt he got both penalty calls correct (not biased, honest). Missed quite a few handballs but in general he liked to keep the game flowing. Drew McAllum Greig Chesney Alex Dickson⚽️ Keiran Clement Graham Roberts Andy Bell Fraser Monaghan-Brash⚽️ Connor McAffery Fraser Stewart Josh Thompson Alexander Taggart ⚽️ Kev Lowrie ⚽️ James Cryans Fergus Attwood Stuart Maxwell
  20. 17th November Results

    Pollokshields 0-5 Maryhill Milan not great day for us today, beaten by better team, they wanted it moreand could see they were up for it right from the off some cracking players inthere @Jamie butler, no9 had a cracking game and thought 2 centre mids controlled game for you well played today and look forward to return game next year new ref to eager who I thought had good game, will be a good addition shields team; lewis Elliot paulkilday toby sorbie stef Dickson Sean Kilday Del Lang David Docherty Kieran Barclay Jett Docherty derekpotter Ryan Barclay subs used; james Robinson/Ralph gamba(T)/Grant Morrison/Graeme Paisley/Anton Fox
  21. 17th November Results

    Spartans 3 v 4barrhead colts Tough one to take today. Conceded equaliser before half time which was a good few yards offside in the build up, game was forfeited late on by Barrhead at 3-3 then referee allowed to restart and we were denied a penalty late on for a blatant hand ball. Frustrating day but well done to @Barrhead Coltsfor the win Ewan Forsyth Dave Stevenson Kevin Lynch Paul Kerins Jordan Galbraith Pete Carr (2x goal) Sean Armstrong (yellow) Stevie Armstrong Ryan Armstrong (goal) Chris Armstrong Sean Hailstones Mark Toner Leo Nairn John Fallow
  22. 17th November Results

    I’m no coming back 😂 All the best mate
  23. 17th November Results

    Thanks stevie. Good lad. On to next week 👍
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