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  1. Looking to book a few friendlies

    Try the sunday central page for friendlys m8. That's were I get them as it's hard to get 1 on a sunday in this setup as most teams have game.
  2. 16 Feb Results

    Ngc 1 blackstar 6 1 dougie Dey 2 wullie McGowan 3 cammy Davidson 4 stuart mcmahon 5 David cooper jnr 6 Steven leitch 7 wullie edgar 8 David cooper 9 Sean mcmahon x1 10 Adam bell trialist 11 Alan Gilchrist 12 mark mcronnan 14 crissy weldon 15 ronnie mcgeouch 16 Scott madden Worst game of football I've played in could have been 10 nil or 10 each well done on the win Scott. Result puts us bottom of league doesn't look good.7 games to play to try save our season. I'm taking a step bk from playing as much to try sort out the issues we have n try put the right team on the park. Football is mad at times hopefully things change for us.
  3. Sunday 9th feb

    Stevie ur right m8 it's no disrespect to other leauges either but it's a different ball game in the 1st division. Ur doing a good job with the refs it will sort itself out same as the leauges.
  4. Sunday 9th feb

    North glasgow colts 3 pollockshields 4 Good game today from both sides big game as were both at bottom end of table witch baffles me.main aim now is staying in leauge am confident we will do that as this year we have turned looking to win this other cup were in to make something of the season.well done on the win lads good bunch a boys n a decent manager. Ref a thought was shocking at times but am no 1 for going in deep on them as it's a hard job a jst ask to get to get at least half the easy ones right. 1 dougie Dey 2 wullie McGowan 3 cammy Davidson x1 4 raymond aird 5 David cooper jnr 6 crissy weldon 7 willie edgar 8 david cooper x1 9 sean mcmahon x 1 10 stuart mcmahon 11 Alan Gilchrist 12 Steven leitch used 14 jordan rowan used 15 kev mcquire used Couple of bookings no sure who Wullie edgar not in photo he was late nim will confirm al put last weeks pick off him up
  5. Friendly Thursday 13th

    Jamie if it's to look at boys n u dont get anyone we will take it I've got alot a new boys plus some av no seen yet aswell
  6. Friendly 23rd febuary

    Looking for a game ko will b 12 or 2
  7. GCH League Cup 1st Round - 2nd February

    North glasgow colts 12 dalmarnock 1 1 dougie Dey 2 raymond aird 3 wullie McGowan x1 4 cammy Davidson 5 David cooper jnr x1 6 willie edgar x1 7 stu mcmahon x2 8 david cooper 9 sean mcmahon x3 10 Alan Gilchrist x4 11 stevie napier 12 jordan Rowan unused 14 logan grant used Good performance from us today well played to the dalmarnock boys for keeping going all the best lads.
  8. Sunday 19th January Results

    North glasgow colts 3 keppochill 3 1 dougie dey 2 david cooper jnr 3 wullie McGowan 4 cammy Davidson 5 crissy bell 6 wullie edgar 7 mark mcronnan 8 david cooper 9 Sean mcmahon x2 10 stuart mcmahon x1 11 Alan Gilchrist 12 drew white used 14 steven leitch used 15 ronnie mcgeouch unused 16 logan grant unused Kevin mcquire used Thought it was a very good game today had a strong squad to choose from witch was good. Keppochill started sting as I expected but it was us that scored first with sean putting us ahead. Sean goes through again keeper comes out box saves with his hands straight red from witch stuarty scores from the free kick 2 0 ht.2nd half starts same as first but we get our 3rd with a lovely passing goal. Keppochill score a blatant offside goal with ref admitted was wrong call but a wont complain as she has been consistently good whenever we've had her.we should have put game to bed but keppochill never looked out of place with 10 men and got the draw. Cheers Jie about the comment about my team m8 we should never b were we r but that's upto player commitment I've got rid of dead wood and brought in some youth hopefully we can keep upsetting teams going for leauge I'm confident we will end up mid table I will take that in my first season all the best lads very decent side.even look like a team in the photo
  9. Friendly 26th

    Looking for a game nxt week will book park once I get a team will b 12 or 2
  10. Friendly 12th January

    Dalmarnock v southside game going looking for a team to play 2ko springburn
  11. Friendly 12th January

    Sound m8 what colour do u wear
  12. Sunday 5th January Results

    North glasgow colts 2 gsc 7 1 jay Gallagher 2 david cooper jnr 3 robert Davies 4 alan Gilchrist 5 Scott madden 6wullie edgar x1 7 david cooper 8 stuart mcmahon y x1 9 sean mcmahon y 10 neil Taylor 11 ronnie mcgeouch 12 cammy Davidson late used Piss poor 17 bodies on Saturday night full strength apart from keeper was confident of getting something from game boom sunday jst b4 ko 10 bodies had to play my manager absolutely shocking from some of my boys 6 starters boys who should kno better let me down. One day I will get a shot of gsc with a full team time for a clear out n start again.we were in the game till ht but gifted them at least 4 goals. Gsc still my favourites for the league all the best lads.ref Karen had a good game cant believe the stickshes took few heated moment she dealt with well boys who have gave her abuse need there heads checked
  13. Friendly 12th January

    2pm ko springburn any takers
  14. Friendly 12th January

    I will book a park tomorrow someone will step in ur first option
  15. Friendly 12th January

    Looking for a game next week I will book park for whatever time suits anyone