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  1. Manager of Month - November

    Congratulations David Ramsay, well deserved
  2. Christine Milligan cup

    @daviembrilliant gesture to provide the league with the trophy and allow us to continue to keep Christines memory alive with thecompetition and also allows teams Who wouldn’t maybe always compete for trophies at later stages to do so thankyou again
  3. Manager of Month - October

    Committee are delighted to announce OctobersBrothers in Arms Manager of the Month winner.. GARETH LAURIE - BSC SUNDAY @BSC_Sundayhad some brilliant results over October with impressive victories over GSC and Southside Spartans whilst alsopulling off fantastic results and remain in later rounds ofSunday Trophy Well done and congratulations Gareth for team performance over October and beingwinner of Manager of Month, well deserved
  4. Manager of Month - September

    Congratulations David, well deserved some great results over last few weeks
  5. Striker looking for new team

    Hi gents Got a German lad who’s contacted the leaguelooking for a team He plays as a striker and has 7 years experience playing 11s has just moved over and stays in the city centre If interested drop the committeea message and Wewill pass on contact details