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  1. Sunday 12th January 2020

    Why did he bring a flat tyre?

    Glasgow irish 5-3 dalmarnock fc Tbh we had enough chances to win this game . Missing giltedged chances But we lost fair and square well played GI all the best going in to the new year A WEE FOOTNOTE FROM ME I have decided to leave my team . Last season was amazing for us winning 10 matches in a row and I think I had the best bunch of guys anyone could ask for. This season has not been the same It feels as if everyweek I had guys in the team who just wanted a game ,no interest in the team. My core guys stuck by me loyal to the end . I want the best for them ,and I feel I have tried my best but my best was not good enough this term But I've had the best of times here .had some cracking games and rivalries .I was a bit of a prick to the committie at the start but i hope I've made up for my assholeness since. So thank you to my team for all the good times .i love yous Thanks to the committie for putting g up with me And to the teams for making us welcome and i have had a blast Thank you . I had 3 trialists today gave mick the forms , here is their pictures . Il add the team list later tonight . Thank you and good by ..merry xmas and happy new year to all teams David M
  3. Sunday 15th December

    Thanks for your kind words , the ironic thing is I've got the players but some work, some prefere going to watch their team , and 2 are abroad . .
  4. Sunday 15th December

    Thank you mate I could have tried to gloss over today but I had to tell the truth of how things really are .I've been kidding myself on for too long
  5. Sunday 15th December

    Westwood ?- 2 dalmarnock Today was the worst day for dalmarnock yet . We had 6 players turn up for kickoff time by the time we got another 4 it was 1-30 kick off suppose to be 1 o clock The refs threatening to abandon it . I had to ask a spectator at half time to help us . Meanwhile I've forgot about the team picture I've 5 guys on the pitch when I should only have 3 trialists at anyone time I had no forms to sign any of guys I never payed for my part of the pitch fee We even had our opponents"MANAGER" playing for us . I dont think I can do this anymore .. I'm gonna wait till morning and decide
  6. 1st December Results

    Yeah bud no.
  7. Manager of Month - October

    Well done mate
  8. Striker looking for new team

    Give him my number too
  9. 24th November Results

    Unity 7-1 dalmarnock Another week another shambles , We got beat by a much improved UNITY team from last season . David and his lads beat us fair and square ,I've no gripe, grumbles ,the better team win I think UNITY broke the record for fastest goal scored ever in the gdsfc ,I think it was about 10 seconds after kickoff . Well done david My team in order they appear in picture Ross Whelan Danny queen Adam williamson Craig wallis gk Aidan cameron David nicholls Rhys cauldwell Bottom row paul cavanagh David Gibb Declan Mccafferty Stevie Cameron Subs not in picture as they were late were David wilson used scored Darrel cullen used
  10. Hi guys I have been asked to tell yous how this cup compition came about . Christine was my friend , we grew up together in castlemilk . She DIed from cancer 3 years ago on new years day , I found out she died 10 days after she had died by reading facebook posts , I was hurt that no one told me So I decided to do something for her to keep her memory alive , I asked her family about doing something for her , I decided on charity football We held a amateur Celtic v rangers game at toryglen indoor park This was a big sucess , we " dalmarnock fc " raised £1200 on the day ,Christine's family was there to watch it ,and take part So I decided to try keep Christine's name alive by doing more , I asked Nim would he like the CUP /TROPHY for another cup competition in the gdsfc , NIM said yes and here we are in our 3 rd year already .said I was asked to write a wee bit about how this cup compition came about . So far we I mean "everybody " involved have raised just under £2000 for the prince and princess of wales cancer trust . I am glad it wasent prince Andrew eh ? Anyway cheers for taking part , and if you and your teams could maybe put a hat round and collect money from your team mates on match day , I would be very grateful Thanks Davie m
  11. 17th November Results

    Dalmarnock 2-3 southside star I'm not happy at defeat but very happy with the commitment and fight we showed today . Came back twice from being a goal down. To finally lose the match to a mistake by my defender . A draw would have probley been the fair result ,but it wasent to be . The match was played in great spirit by both teams I think dec mccafferty got booked and david nicholls for dalmarnock Southside star Good bunch of guys , no arguing or even a cross word by both teams . Congrats to southside we lost fair and square .all the best going forward Davie M David craig gk " david is not the keeper in the picture, that's paul cavanagh...david came late and changed at last min , so david missed the team photo , paul had to go sub . David craig Paul cavanagh "sub" used Declan mccafferty motm Sandy fraser David Gibb Dean bartuchek sub used David wilson Reyss Caldwell David nicholls Stevie Cameron Ryan James Ross whelan Scorers for dalmarnock David Gibb Ross whelan
  12. 10th Nov Results

    Thanks guys .I will try make up the money you lost
  13. 10th Nov Results

    Team Craig wallis David wilson Declan mccafferty Jonny caulfield Rhys Caldwell Darrell cullen David nicholls Jack McGregor "trialist ' Paul cavanagh Ian clarke
  14. 10th Nov Results

    Dalmarnock v kelvindale Match abandond first half due to lack of personal bydalmarnock . Started with ten , soon after 2 injuries Down to 8 , I try go on to help but dont last long . 8 v 11 so my team decided they dident want to play as we quickly were 3-0 down , it was embarrassing for us . This abandonment had nothing whatsoever to do with kelvin dale . It was 100% dalmarnocks doing . When we told kelvindale there is no point playing . Everyone agreed as did the ref .we all left the pitch as friends So that was that , I am sorry for wasting everyones time today .it was matters out of my controll that it came to this Sorry to willie and his guys .. So kelvindale get the points and that makes us officially the worst team in the league . I dont know where our future lies. The next couple of weeks is make or break for us . Davie m Below is my team . Il have to get the names for you as I havent got a clue what there full names are ..its that bad .. Il be back before the deadline
  15. Results 3rd November

    Your welcome