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  1. 17th November Results

    Pollokshields 0-5 Maryhill Milan not great day for us today, beaten by better team, they wanted it moreand could see they were up for it right from the off some cracking players inthere @Jamie butler, no9 had a cracking game and thought 2 centre mids controlled game for you well played today and look forward to return game next year new ref to eager who I thought had good game, will be a good addition shields team; lewis Elliot paulkilday toby sorbie stef Dickson Sean Kilday Del Lang David Docherty Kieran Barclay Jett Docherty derekpotter Ryan Barclay subs used; james Robinson/Ralph gamba(T)/Grant Morrison/Graeme Paisley/Anton Fox
  2. 10th Nov Results

    Unity 1-5 Ferguslie Squad pic team list Kyle Furphy James McCourt Chris Mathieson Gordon Maclean Stevie Johanson Donald Draffen Sean McMenemy Joe Crawford Payman Mohammadi Benny Aghaei 📕 Jordan Stewart ⚽️ Subs Jamie Maclean Mark Bonnar Disappointing result. Good 3rd goal from Ferguslie but felt we were slack for all the goals. We scored a bizarre goal that was protested at the time but appears the right decision. A melee in the 70thminute was well resolved by both teams in the end and ref remained calm throughout it also. Red for our player accepted as was yellow for Ferguslie player
  3. 10th Nov Results

    Barrhead 2-2 Pollokshields gutted to drop 2 points in the end, 2-1 up with couple mins remaining we should be seeing game out, had couple chances second half to extend lead to 3-1 but hit post from a yard and then bar and decent save from keeper, barrhead put us under some pressure last 25mins without creating any clear cut chances so thought could’ve hung in for those important much needed 3points but Take nothing away from@Barrhead Coltsthey are a good team and can easily see why invested so far in division 1 and up at top of table all best rest season to Paul and Bonner look forward to next game Shields Team: Lewis W Elliott Paul Kilday Chris Hynes Toby Sorbie Stef Dickson David Docherty Kieran Barclay (Y) Del Lang Ryan Barclay ⚽️ Richie Brown Ryan Hynes ⚽️ subs used; Anton Fox Sean Kilday (Y) Graeme Paisley
  4. Results 3rd November

    Pollokshields 4-5 Keppochhill hard one to take, feelrobbed of a much needed 3pts, but only got ourselves to blame lost some goals we could’ve avoidedand missed some good chances but take nothing away from Keppochhill We’re 4-2 down but dug in and kept going and go away with 3pts cheers for game Jie best of luck rest season Shields team; Lewis Elliott Paul Kilday Chris Hynes Stef Dickson 🔸 Derek Lang ⚽️⚽️ David Docherty Ryan Barclay Kieran Barclay Sean Kilday Jeff Wood 🔸 Richie Brown ⚽️⚽️ Sub used; Graeme paisley
  5. Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5 Group 6 Group 7
  6. Just reminder all League Tables & Champions Cup Tables are available here thanks to Paul & Chris@Barrhead Coltsfor creating the app and spending time to update 👍
  7. Results 27/10/19

    Westwood 1-2 Pollokshields good to get back to winning ways, played some good fitba at times and maybe could’ve scored couple more goals thank you @JamesWestwoodand Westwood guys for game, good luck for rest of season 👍 Shields Team; lewis Elliott Steven Dickson James Robinson (c) Paul Kilday Derek Lang David Docherty Jett Docherty Ryan Barclay Sean Kilday ⚽️⚽️ RichieBrown Derek Potter Subs (used) ScottGuest Ross Skalley
  8. Only Sport Division 2B - 2019

    Handy link to keep up to date with league table positions, results etc
  9. Only Sport Division 2A - 2019

    Handy link for updated league table and results, trends etc
  10. Only Sport Division 1 - 2019/20

    Handy Link for league tables and results
  11. 20/10/19

    Couple of teams free due to Sunday Trophy games being postponed and played this sunday MBS v Glasgow Diverse Stratton v Colts both Postponed due to MBS & Colts playing in sunday trophy this sunday @Glasgow Diverse @Stratton Southside
  12. 13/10/2019

    GSC 6-2 Pollokshields decent game with plenty chances for both side, thought we done well for about 65mins took lead 2-1 but then GSC stepped it up and caught us sleeping with few quick free kicks and corners, good team with some cracking players and deserved their win well done @Pauldonand GSC lads shields team; Lewis W Elliott Paul Kilday James Robinson (y) Chris Hynes Derek Potter Jeff Wood David Docherty Jett Docherty Ryan Barclay Richie Brown Ryan Hynes ⚽️⚽️ subs; (used) Sean Kilday Ross Skalley DerekLang Anthony Devine (T) Unused