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  1. 17th November Results

    No problem Stevie. One other thing, felt he could have been a bit closer to the play at times. There were a few times the ball went out or was very close and he made a call when I felt he was too far away to have made it with certainty. But overall, well done to the guy for his first game.
  2. 17th November Results

    Finnieston Phoenix 4-2 Kelvindale Great win for us today and a really good game of football. We started the game really poorly and failed to deal with the long balls to Kelvindales wideplayers which cost us 2 goals. Once we got ourwide players to close down the full backs we forced them to play into midfield and pressed them which worked more in our favour. First goal from a corner to Alex, great return from our CB this season. 6 goals in 7 games. Got the second when Fraser nipped in front of the keeper and knocked the ball past. HT 2-2. Second half was tight and could have gone either way I felt. Luckily we got a pen after a shove in the back and Taggs slotted home. Last 10 mins were tense but another penalty gave us the win. All the best to @Martin_Kelvindale, enjoy our games. New ref for us. Felt he got both penalty calls correct (not biased, honest). Missed quite a few handballs but in general he liked to keep the game flowing. Drew McAllum Greig Chesney Alex Dickson⚽️ Keiran Clement Graham Roberts Andy Bell Fraser Monaghan-Brash⚽️ Connor McAffery Fraser Stewart Josh Thompson Alexander Taggart ⚽️ Kev Lowrie ⚽️ James Cryans Fergus Attwood Stuart Maxwell
  3. 10th Nov Results

    Finnieston Phoenix 1-1 Clyde Thistle We werehonking. We had to ring in all the favours just to start the game after a stupid amount of call offs. Shame as I thought I’d we had a more normal squad we could have won today. Well played @Johnny D. Connor McAffery Greig Chesney Dom McGovern Graham Roberts Lewis Jackson Andy Bell James Cryans Fraser Stewart ⚽️ Josh Thompson John Crilley (trialist -1st game) Alexander Taggart Stuart Maxwell David McLauchlan
  4. Results 3rd November

    Finnieston Phoenix 6-5 Westwood Brilliant game of football today from both sides but delighted with the win considering the humping we got from Westwood in our last game. Went 2 up but we were pegged back to 2-2. Gotanother two goals and went in to HT 4-3 up. Westwood equalised twice in the second half but we got the winner with a minute to go. Shout outto big Alex who now has 5 goals from 6 games at centre half! Thanks for the game @JamesWestwoodand thought the ref was fine @Stevie - Head Referee Stuart Maxwell Greig Chesney Alex Dickson ⚽️⚽️ Connaire Shannon Andy Bell James Cryans Fraser Monaghan-Brash ⚽️ Eoin O’Doherty ⚽️ Kevin Lowrie Sean Mageean (trialist - 2nd game) ⚽️⚽️ Alexander Taggart Fergus Attwood Dom McGovern
  5. Results 27/10/19

    Finnieston Phoenix 4-0 Dalmarnock One of the guys called this our ugliest win which pretty much summed it up. Dalmarnock started better and had a couple of chances. We tried to gift them a goal with 3 short back passes but none of them went in. As Davie said, the first goal came from one pass around the back too many and Kev put us ahead. The second was actually really well worked and again Kev finished well. Second half and there keeper spilled a routine cross which Connor tucked away and effectively killed the game. Kev got his hat trick after a defensive throw in gone wrong. Two clean sheets in a row for the first time ever I think and keeps us in with a chance to progress! New ref for us, by and large he did ok. Called a lot of offsides but got both bookings correct. To be fair, it wasn’t a dirty game. Cheers for the game @daviem Stuart Maxwell Greig Chesney Keiran Clement Graham Roberts Fraser Stewart Connor MacAffery ⚽️📒 James Cryans Fraser Monaghan-Brash Josh Thompson Kev Lowrie⚽️⚽️⚽️ Fergus Attwood📒 Iain Stepek Duncan Monaghan-Brash
  6. 13/10/2019

    To be fair we rested a few key players too, mainly myself 😂. Joking obviously, we’ve signed a decent keeper so I’ll be benched from now on.I wasn’t there but I heard we played really well.Signed a few new guys and been carrying a few injuries so didn’t expect the win since Stratton were unbeatenbut the guys delivered. Hopefully we can kick on from here. Cheers for the game @Stratton Southside Drew McAllum Andy Bell Connaire Shannon Alex Dickson ⚽️ Greig Chesney Fraser Monaghan-Brash Jonathan Boyle Eoin O’Doherty ⚽️ Connor McAffery Fraser Stewart Alexander Taggart James Cryans Dom McGovern Sean McGeean (trialist - 1st game)
  7. Results 06/10/19

    As Willie has fairly said, sore one to take as I felt a draw would have been a fair result. Connor and Taggs both took their goals really well, the former being a goal of the season contender. Masters of our own downfall too often this season so far. Cheers for the game @Sarry Red Starand @Stevie - Head Referee Stuart Maxwell Greig Chesney Dom McGovern (trialist 3rd game - signed) Alex Dickson (booked) Andy Bell Fraser Monaghan Fraser Stewart Josh Thompson Jonathan Boyle Connor McAffery ⚽️ (booked) Alexander Taggart ⚽️ Shaun Buchanan James Cryans Im not in the photo as I took it.
  8. 29/9/19

    Finnieston Phoenix 1-7 Westwood Wasnt at the game but heard it was a close first half and terrible second. Got a few new players and injuries which isn’t helping but we’ll get there. Graham Roberts Greig Chesney Alex Dickson⚽️ Dom McGovern (trialist - 2nd game) Andy Bell Jonathan Boyle Fraser Monaghan Fraser Stewart Josh Thompson Callum Roberts Alexander Taggart Jack Connell Arthur Kelly (trialist - 1st game) Shaun Buchanan Josh wasn’t in the pic as he took it.
  9. 22/9/19

    Finnieston Phoenix 4-2 Strathclyde Thistle Delighted to get our first win of the season and thoroughly deserved. We took the lead with a great turn in the box from Taggs who got all 4 goals. Strategy equalised after a cross cam back off the bar and onto their players head. Got a pen before HT to make it 2-1. Strathclyde equalised with a proper rocket but we took the lead shortly after and got a 4th to give us some comfort. Missed a pen with 5 to go which would have properly killed the game. Special mention to JB who came on as a second half sub after over a year out injured and was superb Cheers @Strathclyde ThistleThanks to @Raymond refereewho did well to keep a lid on things. Stuart Maxwell Graham Roberts Keiran Clement Andrew Bell Fraser Stewart James Cryans Fraser Monaghan Eoin O’Doherty Shaun Buchanan Alexander Taggart⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️ Connor MacAffery subs Jonathan Boyle Dom McGovern (trialist - 1st game) Jack Connell (trialist - 2nd game, now signed. Registration form sent to Mick) I’m not in the pic as I took it.
  10. 15/09/19

    Absolutely woeful today. Should’ve been 2 up in the first 5 mins then conceded 4. Made all 3 subs at HT then our CM broke his ankle and will be out for a while. Ironically we played a bit better in the second half but it was never going to happen with that deficit. Stuart Maxwell Greig Chesney Graham Roberts Keiran Clement Andy Bell Fraser Stewart Blair Ingram Fraser Brash Scott MacOwan ⚽️ Alexander Taggart ⚽️ Connor MacAffery subs Kevin Lowrie ⚽️ James Cryans Jack Connell (trialist - 1st game) Cant seem to upload the team photo or trialist form. Will give it another go later.
  11. 4th September

    Sorry. Going to cancel. Can’t get the numbers sadly
  12. 4th September

    Any team up for a game?
  13. 25/08/19

    Trialist form
  14. 25/08/19

    Had a game plan in place after our friendly a few weeks back. It worked well, we stayed in the game, took the lead with 5 mins to go then I made 2 errors that cost us the game. Pretty much the worst feeling in the 4 years we’ve been playing. All the best to MH and well reffed by Stevie Stuart Maxwell Greig Chesney Graham Roberts Andy Bell James Cryans Fraser Stewart Connor McCaffery Calum Roberts Scott MacOwan (goal) Alexander Taggart (goal x 2 and booked) sub: David McDaid (trialist- 1st game)
  15. Champions Cup results 18/8/19

    Trialist form. Iain is on the bottom far left of the squad photo