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  1. 15/09/19

    Absolutely woeful today. Should’ve been 2 up in the first 5 mins then conceded 4. Made all 3 subs at HT then our CM broke his ankle and will be out for a while. Ironically we played a bit better in the second half but it was never going to happen with that deficit. Stuart Maxwell Greig Chesney Graham Roberts Keiran Clement Andy Bell Fraser Stewart Blair Ingram Fraser Brash Scott MacOwan ⚽️ Alexander Taggart ⚽️ Connor MacAffery subs Kevin Lowrie ⚽️ James Cryans Jack Connell (trialist - 1st game) Cant seem to upload the team photo or trialist form. Will give it another go later.
  2. 4th September

    Sorry. Going to cancel. Can’t get the numbers sadly
  3. 4th September

    Any team up for a game?
  4. 25/08/19

  5. 25/08/19

    Had a game plan in place after our friendly a few weeks back. It worked well, we stayed in the game, took the lead with 5 mins to go then I made 2 errors that cost us the game. Pretty much the worst feeling in the 4 years we’ve been playing. All the best to MH and well reffed by Stevie Stuart Maxwell Greig Chesney Graham Roberts Andy Bell James Cryans Fraser Stewart Connor McCaffery Calum Roberts Scott MacOwan (goal) Alexander Taggart (goal x 2 and booked) sub: David McDaid (trialist- 1st game)
  6. Champions Cup results 18/8/19

    Trialist form. Iain is on the bottom far left of the squad photo
  7. Champions Cup results 18/8/19

    Finnieston Phoenix 4-4 Westwood (Westwood win on pens 4-3) Sore one to lose in the end. Went two goals up in the first 10/15 mins with two headers, the first one assisted by a belter of free kick from JT. We conceded two goals and HT was 2-2. Second half we dominated, keeping possession in there half but couldn’t score and we went behind after a cracking free kick. We levelled it up after some great hold up play by Taggs but went behind again. Got an equaliser with 5 to go and then missed 2 pens in the shoot out. Thanks for the game @JamesWestwoodand thought the ref was excellent. Stuart Maxwell Greig Chesney (booked) Alex Dickson (goal) Graham Roberts Scott Macowan Fraser Stewart Eoin O’Doherty (goal) Blair Ingram (goal) Josh Thompson Fraser Monaghan Brash Alexander Taggart subs: Kevin Lowrie (booked) Connor McCaffery (goal) Iain Stepek (trialist - 1st game) Shaun Buchanan
  8. Friendlies 4th August

    Finnieston Phoenix 2-2 Woodlands FC cheers for the game today lads.