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  1. Sunday 23rd February Results

    Unity 3 - 7 Glasgow Irish Still disappointing performances and results as well as too short of players. Les Schneider James McCourt David Brockett Ross Alexander (Trialist) Joe Crawford Stevie Johanson Gordy Maclean Jamie Maclean Sean McMenemy ⚽️⚽️ Payman Harry Mahomidi Subs John McDowall 📒 David McDermott ⚽️ Can’t upload Trialist pictures for some reason so will send to Nim new ref for us - thought he was excellent @Stevie - Head Referee Tried to play advantage for both teams then brought back when needed.
  2. 16 Feb Results

    MH Utd 7 - 0 Unity Competed first half hour then turned into a training game. Players playing injured is killing us. Really struggling to field a team at moment but no doubt will come good again. Kyle Furphy James McCourt 📒 David Brockett Benny A Mark Love Gordy McLean 📒 Stevie Johanson Payman Sean McMenemy Callum MacEwan Les Schneider Subs John McDowall Jamie I took photo
  3. Sunday 9th feb

    Glasgow Irish 4 - 2 Unity i wasn’t there but I understand we were 2-0 up then lost 2 goals just before half time and had a poor 2nd half. Les Schneider James McCourt Mark Love Chris Mathieson Jamie Maclean Gordy Maclean Joe Crawford 📒 Sean McMenemy Callum MacEwan Payman ⚽️📒 Harry Mahmodi ⚽️📒 Subs John McDowall Jamie McCready I think the yellows are accurate @garydempsey1
  4. GCH League Cup 1st Round - 2nd February

    Unity 3 - 3 Ferguslie Star - Ferguslie Star win on penalties Pretty good cup tie. Gutted to lose as put somuch into the game. Both teams had several players missing but plenty of good players on the pitch. Loads of possession when Ferguslie went down to 10 men but was hard to break them down. Thanks for game @Tam@FerguslieStar Kyle Furphy James McCourt David Brockett Connor McGovern Joe Crawford ⚽️ Gordy Maclean Jamie Maclean Mark Love Sean McMenemy ⚽️⚽️ Harry Mahomidi (Trialist) 📒 Payman sub Les Schneider Jamie McCready (Trialist) Chris Mathieson (not used)
  5. Cup Results 26/01/2020

    Unity 0 - 4 Maryhill Milan Well beat. Good luck to Milan in semis. No chance when went to 10 men - never a red. Les Schneider Benny Aghaei 📕 James McCourt Gordy Maclean 📒 Jamie Maclean📒 Callum MacEwan Hoshang Mahomodi 📒 (trialist) Connor McGovern Mark Love Jordan Stewart Sean McMenemy Subs David Brockett (not used) Jamie McCurdy (Not used) Payman I can not upload my photos again!!!! Hoshang
  6. Sunday 19th January Results

    Unity 3 - 2 Colts Good victory against one of thee form teams in our league. With our lack of depth I knew we had to start brightly and on the front foot. 1-0 at half time but I thought we deserved more from first half after hitting woodwork twice and a great display from Colts keeper (thought he was excellent). 2nd half we started strongly and went further ahead. As game went on Colts put a lot of pressure on us especially at corners. Colts have good strikers so pleasing to keep them fairly quite. Big striker always gives us a hard time. Les saves a penalty for us when it was 2-0 - big moment in game. Les Schneider Stevie Johanson Benny Aghaei James McCourt Gordy Maclean 📒 Jamie Maclean Joe Crawford ⚽️ Callum MacEwan Payman📒 Hoshang Mahomodi ⚽️⚽️ (Trialist) Subs Jack Lindsay (Trialist) David Brockett Jamie McCurdy It won’t let me upload any photos!!! I will try again later - me and Big Jamie missed team photo Hoshang
  7. Sunday 12th January 2020

    Westwood 3 - 1 Unity Fair assessment. We were in a good position at 1-0 when 2 players went off injured at the same time. We are too short of players at the moment to cope. Westwood hada dominant period then we came back into. Threweveryone up for a corner only to concede to a good breakaway goal. Kyle Furphy Connor McGovern Stevie Johanson David Brockett James McCourt Jamie Maclean Gordy Maclean Jordan Stewart Payman Mahomadi Calum MacEwan ⚽️ Subs John McDowall Jamie McCurdy (trialist) Won’t let me upload trialist photo so will send to Nim
  8. Sunday 15th December

    A bit disingenuous of Davie to say our player made a 13.4 second recovery. Tackle on Jamie was probably worse, must have been as he recovered in 30.6 seconds. Felt like a cup game. Always struggle against Strathy but felt we had most of the 2nd half at least, scoring 2 good goals. Was good to keep going to get the win. Delighted Dezy got the winner as he has had hard times recently. Strathy equaliser a soft penalty but a definite handball so had to be given - but was still hard to take. Kyle Furphy Les Schneider Chris Mathieson James McCourt Stevie Johanson Jamie MacLean Payman Mahomadi ⚽️ Donald Draffen Jordan Stewart 📒 Callum MacEwan ⚽️⚽️ Joe Crawford Subs David Brockett Dezy Mundie ⚽️ John MacDowall (not used) Dezy was still in changing room
  9. 1st December Results

    Unity 3 - 6 Fernhill Disappointed with our turn out today. Managed to get 11 with the help of a trialist. Better team won. Brought it back to 5-3 where it could of got interesting if we got another butgame killed off at 6-3. Fernhill have good attacking players with good movement. Les Schneider Stevie Johanson Gordon Maclean David Brockett James McCourt Donald Draffen Josh Farrell (trialist)📒 Joe Crawford ⚽️ Payman Mohammodi ⚽️ Sean McMenemy ⚽️ Won’t upload files
  10. 24th November Results

    Unity 7 - 1 Dalmarnock A good performance today. As Davie says a very early goal set the tone for the game. Played in good spirits. Delighted for Payman getting a hat trick. Kyle Furphy Chris Mathieson Mark Stack James McCourt Connor McGovern Jamie Maclean Gordon Maclean DonaldDraffen ⚽️ Joe Crawford ⚽️ Sean McMenemy ⚽️ Payman Mahomodi ⚽️⚽️⚽️ Own goal ⚽️ Subs Stevie Johanson Les Schnieder John McDowall
  11. Christine Milligan cup

    👍 Thanks Davie. A great thing to keep her memory alive. I’m sure everyone can relate.
  12. Results 3rd November

    Kelvindale 1 - 4 Unity A solid display from us this week. Should have been more comfortable at half time and paid the price early in 2nd half when Kelvindale equalised and had their best period. Once the 3rd went in was a bit more comfortable. Played in great spirits - ref was excellent. Kyle Furphy Stevie Johansson Gordon Maclean James McCourt David Brockett Donald Draffen Sean McMenemy ⚽️ Payman Mohamadi Mark Stack Jordan Stewart ⚽️ Benny Aghaie ⚽️⚽️ Subs Jamie Maclean Joe Crawford Les Schneider I took the picture
  13. Results 27/10/19

    BSC 4 - 0 Unity Was really hard going today. The 2 suspensions left us really short. 11 players, one being me!! BSC deserves the win and look like they have a good young team. Kyle Furphy Chris Mathieson James McCourt David Brockett Stevie Johanson Les Schneider Donald Draffan Gordon Maclean Payman Mohamaddi Bennt Agaihe Jordan Stewart
  14. 13/10/2019

    Strathclyde Utd 5 - 4 Unity Hard to win a game with 2 sent off and 2 penalties against us. Almost got a draw which would have been good in the end. Both teams played to the end!! More yellows in this game than whole of season combined so bad day all round. Good luck Strathy for rest of season!! Les Schneider 📒 Stevie Johanson Gordon Maclean ⚽️ Connor McGovern 📒📒 Chris Mathieson Payman Mohammadi ⚽️ Joe Crawford Sean McMenemy 📒📒📕 Jordan Stewart 📒⚽️ Benny Aghaei ⚽️ Subs Mark Bonnar Wullie Prentice Manager David Brockett 📒