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  1. 15/09/19

    Southside Star 0 - 4 Unity A good solid performance today. 2 Clean Sheets in the league which is brilliant for us. Great goal from Benny and brilliant to seeDonald and Desy get on the goal sheet. Played in good spirits from Lee and his team. Kyle Furphy Mark Bonnar Stevie Johanson James McCourt Chris Mathieson Gordon Maclean Mark Stack Donald Draffan ⚽️ Willie Prentice Callum MacEwan Benny Aghaie ⚽️⚽️ Subs Jamie Maclean Payman Mohammadi Les Schneider Desy Mundie ⚽️
  2. Only Sport Champions Cup 2019/20

    24th November - Final Group Game: Group 1 Strathclyde Thistle v AQ Diverse v Southside Star Group 2 GSC v NGC Colts v Ferguslie Star Group 3 Keppochill v MBS Anchor v Clyde Group 4 Maryhill Milan v Sarry Red Star MH Utd v Glasgow Irish Group 5 Westwood v Dalmarnock Pollockshields v Finnieston Group 6 Kelvindale v Fernhill Spartans v Stratton Group 7 Woodlands v BSC Strathclyde Utd v Unity
  3. Only Sport Champions Cup 2019/20

    27th October - Remaining 2nd Game: Group 1 Atlantic Quay v Diverse Group 2 Ferguslie Star v NGC Colts v GSC Group 3 Anchor v MBS Group 4 Glasgow Irish v Sarry Red Star MH Utd v Maryhill Milan Group 5 Dalmarnock v Finnieston Westwood v Pollockshields Group 6 Fernhill v Stratton Group 7 BSC v Unity
  4. 08/09/2019

    Fernhill 4 - 6 Unity Fernhill started with 10 so understandably we dominated the ball but were terrible with our final pass. Game turned into a bit of a long ball game. Fernhill got a penalty for handball - if that is going to be a penalty this season I think there will be a lot given. Thereafter Fernhill totally dominated for 15 minutes and went 4-0 up . We were poor but great fight from Fernhill. We looked much better when Fernhill had 11 players and got 2 in the first half late on then ran away with goals 2nd half. Kyle Furphy Connor McGovern 📒⚽️⚽️ Stevie Johanson Mark Love James McCourt Donald Draffan 📒📒 Sean McMenemy Gordon Maclean Jordan Stewart ⚽️ Benny Aghaei ⚽️ Subs Chris Mathieson Willie Prentice ⚽️⚽️ Mark Bonnar Payman Mohammadi Les Schneider (not used)
  5. Friendly 8th september

    Yes mate. If you go to the fixture lists you will see your forthcoming fixtures up to and including 22nd September. I've managed to get your team in the league cup group section also.
  6. 25/08/19

    Unity 3 - 0 Anchor Delighted with performance today. Last season we would have drawn this game. We had to ride a lot of first half pressure but felt we really dominated the 2nd half scoring 3, missing a penalty and scoring a goal that hit the back stantion but ref couldn't be sure. First goal was vital in this game. Mick got Anchor well organised already. @BigMickAnchor Kyle Furphy Stevie Johanson James McCourt Mark Love Mark Bonnar Sean McMenemy Gordon Maclean Joe Crawford Donald Draffan Jordan Stewart ⚽️ Benny Aghaei ⚽️ Subs Chris Mathieson ⚽️ Derek Mundie (Trialist) Derek Mundie - details to Nim
  7. Champions Cup results 18/8/19

    Unity 9 - 6 Woodlands Was a crazy game really. Was tight at the start then we ran away to a 3-0 lead then 4-1 half time. 2nd half we went 9-2 up playing some great stuff. Sean in particular was unplayable.Then Woodlands completely dominated the last 20 pulling 4 back. Our keeper pulled off a great save from a penalty only for it to be retaken - a bit harsh but presumably for the new rule. Thanks @Foxyand his lads for the game. Game played in the right spirits. Kyle Furphy Mark Bonnar James McCourt Connor McGovern Mark Stack Joe Crawford ⚽️ Donald Draffan 📒 Jamie Maclean Gordon Maclean Sean McMenemy ⚽️⚽️⚽️ Benny Aghaei ⚽️⚽️ Subs Jordan Stewart ⚽️ William Prentice ⚽️ Les Schneider O.G ⚽️
  8. Only Sport Champions Cup 2019/20

    As Nim has said we have to change these so the Teamsin 2A & 2B don't have too many free weeks. The last round of group games will be on the same Sunday. Additional confirmed fixtures: 25th August - Week 2 Group 1 Southside Star 3 v 4 Strathclyde Thistle 8th September - Week 4 Group 3 Clyde Thistle 0 v 10 Keppochill Group 7 Strathy Utd 5 v 4 Woodlands Week 5 - 15th September Group 6 Stratton 7 v 1 Kelvindale Week 6 - 22nd September Group 6 Fernhill v Spartans
  9. We have 12pm Springburn booked for Sunday - team we were playing can't make it so would like to offer to any other team.
  10. Friendly 28th July

    I've got 10 players confirmed - a lot of our players are coaching atthe Homeless World Cup so are away!!! I'll keep working on it. To be honest I'd rather have played you with a fuller squad, noticed your results. Maybe you could play more fringe players though appreciate you want to get all your players more game time.
  11. Friendly 28th July

    Sorry just seen it on another page Us and Kelvindale were meant to be playing each other but time doesn't suit. Im sure we will all get one - don't see too many on the forum yet.
  12. Friendly 28th July

    If Maryhill Black Star are playing Kelvindale do you fancy us at12pm at Springburn?
  13. Friendlies

    I've booked 12pm Springburn for next Sunday. That ok?
  14. Friendlies

    @Martin_Kelvindale are we a definite for 28th? I read you have MH Utd that date as well.
  15. Friendlies