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  1. Sunday 23rd February Results

    Anchor 5-1 Kelvindale great performance from my lads today in a game I felt we dominated. Some cracking goals including the one the lad from Kelvindale and as always no dramas at all from either team. all the best to @Martin_Kelvindale@Willy@Kelvindaleand the lads cracking bunch of boys. Wee Peter was also very good today also refereeing thought he controlled the game very well. *Mo Gabir waslate referee and Kelvindale where informed prior to the game* Squad Nicky Barr 🔶 Martin Miller John Mcculloch Lewis Quinn Stuart Dallas Scott Dallas Ben Mcsherry 🔶 Ali Herrington ⚽️ Dean Baird ⚽️⚽️ Mikey Raeside Callum Strain ⚽️⚽️ Subs all used Andrew Goodwin Mohamed Gabir Kaelum Wilson Lewis Hill Myles Robertson
  2. 16 Feb Results

    Anchor 7-2 Strathy Utd great result for my lads today in a game where I felt we dominated from start to finish. Weather was absolutely horrendous but as always a great Game with @David Devlin Strathy utdand his lads Great bunch of lads All the best for the rest of thought the referee was pretty decent also Squad Nicky Barr Ross Mckay George Holland Stuart McKay Lewis Quinn Andrew Wilson ⚽️ Dean Baird ⚽️⚽️ Ali Herrington Ben Mcsherry 🟨 Mikey Raeside ⚽️⚽️ Mohamed Gabir ⚽️ subs ( subs all used ) Andrew Goodwin Myles Robertson Kaelum Wilson ⚽️ Lewis Hill Ryan Laurie
  3. GCH League Cup 1st Round - 2nd February

    Yeah we where off the boil today had a decent first half but second half weren’t at the races 🙈 all the best to @Fernhill Utd in the next round * committee - apologies for the late posting forgot all about it will pay the £10 fine 👍🏻 squad Nicky Barr Nicky Broomhall Lewis Quinn Scott Dallas John McCulloch Andrew Wilson Ali Herrington Grant Berry Ben McSherry Martin Miller ⚽️ Mohamed Gabir Subs all used Aiden Patterson Myles Robertson Ross Mckay Lewis Hill Dean Baird
  4. Cup Results 26/01/2020

    Maryhill blackstar9-3 Anchor severley depleted squad and it showed absolute rottenfrom Us all the best to @Scott Maryhill Black Starin the cup run squad Nicky Barr Nicky Broomhall Lewis Quinn Grant Elliott Ross McKay Andrew Wilson Ben Mcsherry Dean Baird Reiss Delaney John McCulloch ⚽️ Mo Gabir ⚽️ subs (all used ) Myles Robertson ⚽️ Kai Gilmour
  5. League Results 26/01/20

    Posting on behalf of @Sarry Red Star Wullie McGhee Ross beverage Tam mcgarrigle Jason Jenkins Stephen Donnelly Andrew Duffy James lyden Morton McNeil Edward Findlay Scott woods Gary Halliday Dec McLaughlin Owen connachan Gordon Halliday Chris mcnulty
  6. Sunday 19th January Results

    Anchor 1-6 Maryhill Blackstar Was a good game of football today against a decent division 1 team. They took their chances we didn’t and really that was our downfall hitting the woodwork 3 time’s and big Mo missing an easy 1 on 1 with the keeper today wasn’t to be. Maryhill where very good especially the lad Tony scoring a hat trick but my lads can hold their heads high with their performance and maybe next season get another crack at them ........ oh wait we have drawn them again next week in the challenge cup quarter finals 😂😂😂 ah well round 2 it is @Scott Maryhill Black Star😉😉😉 referee Did was also very good tonight I thought 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 squad Nicky Barr George Holland Lewis Quinn Robert Hewitt Nicky Broomhall Andrew Wilson ⚽️ Grant Berry Dean Baird Ali Herrington Mark Taylor Ben Mcsherry subs all used Mario Baderass Mohamed Gabir Lewis Hill Martin Miller Ross McKay * Mohamed Gabir and Mario Baderass arrived late referee and MBS manager informed prior to kick off and no issues both included in pictures
  7. Sunday 12th January 2020

    FINNIESTON PHEONIX 0-3 ANCHOR Great performance from my lads today to see us get our division 3 challenge underway. Great game of football to watch and credit to finnieston they made us work for the win. All the best to @Stuart Mand his lads cracking bunchof boys 👍🏻. Though the referee was very good today also @Stevie - Head Referee👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 squad Nicky Barr Ryan Walker Lewis Quinn James Beggs Ryan Lawrie Andrew Wilson ⚽️ Dean Baird Grant Berry Mikey Raeside John Mculloch 🔶 Mohamed Gabir ⚽️⚽️ subs all used Mark Taylor Dylan James Lewis Hill Calum myles
  8. 17th November Results

    We where absolutely awful today again I don’t think the red card helped us as our shape went to f##k but these things happen and I understand why Stevie has made the call at the time and why he has requested that the red cards are suspended as I think it was a fair competition between both teams with fernhill coming out on top. all the best to fernhill good bunch of lads who play some nice football 👍🏻 also cheers to Stevie for explaining his reasonings for the red card also 😉 squad Nicky Barr Stuart Dallas ♦️ grant Elliott lewis Quinn George Holland Dean Baird andrew Wilson grant Berry lewis hill Ali Herrington Mohamed Gabir ⚽️⚽️ subs all used Robbie Caldwell Kaelum Wilson ryan Laurie
  9. 10th Nov Results

    Very very poor from us today went 1-0 down from a defensive howler and then had the chance to equalise and miss the penalty from that point we where awful and MH deserve their win. All the best for the rest of the season lads can fully understand the frustration of the red card incident but the ref needs to be deemed to take control of any form of homophobic slur regardless of the context mate ( speaking to his team mate ) as the oppositionteam manager I don’t wish to make any complaint about this and would ask the league to issue asminimal punishment as they deem is allowed as I wouldn’t like to see the lad miss the semi final. I genuinely didn’t think the ref had a bad game can understand some of the calls are frustrating and the flow of the game was slowed due to this but I felt the calls he had to make where correct. squad Nicky Barr John McCulloch ⚽️⚽️ Grant Elliott Stuart Dallas Kieran Jamieson Scott Dallas Grant Berry Robert Hewitt Dean Baird Barry Mckellar Subs ( all used ) Ross McKay Ryan Laurie
  10. Results 3rd November

    Cracking game mate played in good spirits don’t think it was a bad red either mate was ashame for him. All the best for the rest of the season mate 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 also thought the referee was very good today @Stevie - Head Referee squad Nicky Barr Andy Wilson ⚽️ Stuart Dallas ( trialist 1st game ) Lewis Quinn Grant Elliott Grant Berry Ali Herrington Scott Dallas ⚽️ Darren Attah Dean Baird Mohamed Gabir ⚽️ Subs all used Kaelum Wilson John Mculloch ( Trialist 1st game ) ps - John Mculloch was late referee and @David Devlin Strathy utdwas informed prior to kick off which they acknowledged picture attached when he showed up late
  11. 20/10/19

    Dalmarnock 1-3 Anchor a below average performance from us today we where missing a few key players and it showed throughout the game but sometimes you have to win ugly. 1-1 at halftime and in all honesty the game could have went either way as the dalmarnock keeper was outstanding pulling off saves you would see in the premier league you have yourself a cracker @daviembut we managed to get 2 goals in the last 15 minutes to get us the 3 points all the best to dalmarnock for the rest of the season a clean well fought game referee was also very good today @Stevie - Head Refereewe have had him a few times and he has explained his decisions very well 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Starting 11 Nicky Barr Sam Berry Grant Elliot George Holland Ryan Laurie Stuart McKay ⚽️ Dean Baird Scott Dallas Ali Herrington David Mcdonald ⚽️ Mo Gabir ⚽️ Subs Jodie Mckeraghan ( used ) Kaelum Wilson ( not used )
  12. 13/10/2019

    I don’t think the referee had a bad game at all I did say that I didn’t think it was a penalty but the referee explained his decision after the game and I respect that completely but other than that I felt he made the right calls @Willy@KelvindaleI hope your lad is ok I don’t like hearing anyone is injured please pass on our well wishes from anchor
  13. 13/10/2019

    Anchor Sociedad 7-1 Kelvindale A game of 2 halves today. First half we where very evenly matched where the game could have went either way. Second half I felt we dominated and controlled the game very well and my lads got the result I felt we deserved in the end. All the best to @Willy@Kelvindaleand his lads for the rest of the season good bunch of boys Squad Nicky Barr Sam Berry Lewis Quinn Nicky Broomhall Ross McKay ⚽️ Andrew Wilson Darren Attah ⚽️ Grant Berry 🔶 ⚽️ Ali Herrington David Mcdonald Mohamed Gabir ⚽️⚽️ subs (all used) George Unitt 🔶 ⚽️ Dean Baird ⚽️ Kaelum Wilson
  14. Results 06/10/19

    Cheers for the game today lads was a game played in good spirits and I felt my lads got the result that we deserved also hope your wee number 11 is ok after being unwell during the game today all the best for the rest of the season Thought @Stevie - Head Refereehad a good game also had no issues with his calls he explained all decisions made 👍🏻 Squad Nicky Barr Ross McKay Scott Dallas Lewis Quinn Sam Berry Martin McKellar ⚽️ Andrew Wilson Ali Herrington 🔶 Grant Berry Callum Strain ⚽️ Mohamed Gabir Subs ( all used ) David Mcdonald ⚽️ Kaelum Wilson