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  1. 15/09/19

    Maryhill Milan 2-3. BSC Ian Gordon Josh Mains Matt Beckett ⚽️ John Robb ⚽️⚽️ Tyler Quinn Phil Davidson Phil law Archie Prince Ben Bowie Matt tran Oliver Kennedy Greg Forrest Jake Tyrell John Mullen Idriss alliwi 🔶
  2. Champions Cup results 18/8/19

    BSC 1-4 Strathy Wasnt at the game but been told we were dreadful and all over the place. No subs due to an incident en route to the game Iain Gordon Darren Smart Matt Tran Greg Forrest Jesus Garcia George Prince John Mullen Josh Mains Charlie McNeil Fraser Purves John Robb
  3. Opposition required (04/08)

    Game now taken
  4. Opposition required (04/08)

    Looking for friendly opposition home or away split costs 50/50