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  1. 16 Feb Results

    GsC United 4 v 1 Barrhead ross Stewart anton Byrne ⚽️ Motm chris mcinnes nick Thomson dean Reid declan McMahon ⚽️⚽️ Marcus sawers Scott Gibson jie simpson marc Mcdonnell harry Clark ⚽️ Subs jamie docherty fasial Ahmed mark torrance horrible game tbh both teams stopped playing decent football due to the weather n ref. Got the win n suppose that counts Barrhead boys are smashing lads n good banter with Paul at the side 👍👏
  2. GCH League Cup 1st Round - 2nd February

    GsC United 8 v 2 colts Ross Stewart anton Byrne ⚽️ Marcus sawers Harry Clark ⚽️ Dean Reid declan McMahon paul Donnelly ⚽️⚽️ Scott Gibson ⚽️⚽️ Jie simpson ⚽️ Paul mcaroy Marc Mcdonnell ⚽️ Subs fasial Ahmed mark torrance Kev white All the best to colts
  3. Cup Results 26/01/2020

    GsC United 3 v 3 fernhill Ross Stewart nick Thomson anton Byrne mick Mcdonnell dean reid paul Donnelly dec McMahon ⚽️ Jie simpson ⚽️ Scott Gibson marc Mcdonnell paul mcaroy ⚽️ Subs jason brown Kev white Chris mcinnes mark torrance played utter gash today. 1st 10 minutes thought wee were going to romp it tbh going up 1-0 but don’t know what happened wee ended up playing as bad as I’ve seen us was a nightmare. Ended up playing the last 25 minutes with 9 men while loosing the match but managed to pull it back to get to pens. The pens were a different story 5 top pens hit and scored all the best to fernhill n Ramsey was nice to pick up we’re we left off from a few years back. All the best mate
  4. Sunday 19th January Results

    Ross Stewart nick Thomson mick Mcdonnell Anton Byrne harry clark dec McMahon paul Donnelly jie Simpson scott Gibson ⚽️ Marc Mcdonnell paul mcaroy Marcus sawers dean Reid hard fair game few injuries n mistakes let us down. Ref had a decent game.
  5. Sunday 5th January Results

    NGC 2 v 7 GsC United Ross Stewart nick thomson chris mcinnes Mick McDonnell dean Reid paul Donnelly ⚽️ Anton Byrne jie simpson marcus sawers scott Gibson ⚽️ Marc McDonnell ⚽️⚽️⚽️ Subs declan McMahon kevin white ⚽️ Fasial Ahmed jason brown mikey mclauchlin ⚽️ Good friendly rivalry again got a bit heated here n there but all still pals pals playing pals is mad tbh both teams go for it and today wee cameout on top all the best to coops n the team as I know he tries his best to make the team happen ref was Karen n ye no bad game fewthings wrong but still good n the way she speaks to players is fantastic tbh
  6. Sunday 15th December

    GsC United 2 v 1NGC ross Stewart nick Thomson chris mcinnes Ross Lyon dean Reid kris lafferty ⚽️ Marcus sawyers michael McDonnell scott Gibson marc McDonnell ⚽️ Jamie docherty subs fasial Ahmed paul donnelly decent game with two teams that are good friends of the park. Thought GsC dominated the game and should have had a few more goals if it wasn't for NGC keeper he was brilliant didn't think the ref was that great tbh all the best coops NGC
  7. 1st December Results

    GsC United 3 v 4 keppochill ross Stewart harry Clark nick thomson chris mcinnes mark torrance kris lafferty Paul Donnelly anton Byrne marc McDonnell ⚽️ Dean Reid sean Oddonnall ⚽️⚽️ 11 bodies 2 that haven't played 90 mins in years after bad injuries wee we're shocking the ref was just as bad well done keppochill all the best
  8. 24th November Results

    GsC United 4 v 2 ngc Ross Stewart anton Byrne ross Lyon mick McDonnell harry Clark kris lafferty ⚽️ marcus sawyers jordan Simpson ⚽️⚽️ Marc McDonnell ⚽️ Scott Gibson jamie Docherty subs faz ahmed dean reid paul Donnelly chris mcinnes mark Torrance no bad wee game thought wee should have scored a few more tbh also thought there keeper and Ryan at lb had great game
  9. Results 3rd November

    Stone wall pen
  10. Results 27/10/19

    Colts athletic 1 v 8 GsC United ross Stewart nick Thomson paul mcaroy anton Byrne faz ahmed (c) jordan Simpson x1 mick mcglaughlin (t) marc McDonnell scott Gibson x2 sean O'Donnell x2 jamie Docherty x3 subs dean Reid colin McLean mark torrance kris lafferty all the best colts decent bunch of guys sent trialistform to Nim